Pomona Valley In The House

on April 22, 2018

I came across this interesting article on the development of Rancho San Jose (which included much of modern day Claremont, La Verne, Pomona, Walnut and San Dimas).

The names Palomares, Vejar and Dalton are familiar to present day folks who live in the area, as you’ll find parks and streets named after them.

There a lot to unpack here, but I want to focus on two landmarks that still stand–and that I need to take the family to visit, ASAP.

There’s the oldest house in Pomona Valley, featured above.

Then there’s this interesting note on the Wikipedia page about the first Christian service

The boundaries were laid out by Palomares and Vejar on March 19, 1837, the feast day of St. Joseph, thus leading the men to name the ranch after the saint.[7]Father José Maria de Zalvidea accompanied the party from the San Gabriel Mission, performing the first Christian religious ceremony in the Pomona Valley when he performed a benediction for settlers of the rancho under an oak tree located at what is now 458 Kenoak Place in Pomona.[7]

There’s a house there now, check out the Zillow listing.