I Like Pie, How ‘Bout You?

on December 14, 2018
Fun Belly Executive Producer, Carlos Aguilar, had a moment to chat with the owner of Claremont’s I Like Pie, Annika Corbin.
1. Annika, why pie?
I think pie needed a bit of innovation to make it appeal to a broader audience. So many people love pie, but how many of us want to take home a whole one, and how many places can you go to get a truly delicious slice of pie? My goal is to make pie more user-friendly – fun, portable and right-sized so that you can grab a box anytime you feel like it. Oh, and they still need to be the best you’ve ever tasted!
2. Why The Claremont Village?
The vibe in Claremont is unlike anyplace I’ve ever been. The second I set foot here, I knew this was the place for my family and my business. The cover of trees, college campuses, homes in the Village, and the incredible stories behind the local businesses and the people that own them, make Claremont a one-of-a-kind destination and I feel super lucky to be here.
3. What are your most popular sweet and savory pies?
Sweet: Mixed Berry, Caramel Apple, Cookie Butter, Chocolate Chip Chess, Key Lime
Savory: Chicken Pot Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, Onion Potato Quiche, Pulled Pork
4. What do most people get wrong about pies?
Pie making is surprisingly harder than most people realize. It takes dedication and patience. The biggest mistake I see is pies that aren’t well balanced. Fruit pies require just the right amount of thickener and sugar to make them come out right.
5. What do you want visitors from Fun Belly to know?
That I Like Pie founded the Annual Claremont Pie Festival. The next one will be Saturday, March 23.  Claremontpiefestival.com