My name is Carlos Aguilar and I’m the Executive Producer of Fun Belly Food Tours. I created Fun Belly in order to celebrate and share three of my life passions: food, fun and storytelling.

As a kid, eating out was fun and living in Los Angeles meant I'd taste food from all over the world: Thailand, China, even Kentucky (that IS where KFC is from, right?).

As a perpetually hungry college student, I figured out a way to get paid to eat by writing food reviews for The Occidental Weekly. Later, while in seminary, I scored a grant that allowed me to study food and friendship in Beijing and Shanghai for a summer. I had fun and filled my belly.

As a television travel writer and producer, I’ve covered food and stuffed my face in Seoul, Tokyo, Mexico City, Oaxaca City, Anchorage, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago and NYC.

Everyplace I go, though, I'm reminded of the great food in L.A.

Fun Belly wants to share the food and stories that make this place great.

Come hungry, leave happy.

A stop at a gourmet taco shop converted from a 1920's train ticket booth.

Mr. Fun Belly

Carlos Aguilar


Carlos Aguilar eats like his life depends on it.

With over 40 years of chewing and swallowing experience, he knows his sweet from his sour, his savory from his bitters and can distinguish cabbage from lettuce at 30 meters distance.

He ate an entire medium pizza at age 8. He puts hot sauce on his hot sauce.  He thinks Oreo’s should sell its creamy spread as a stand alone product.

Food genius?


The BELLY in Fun Belly?

No doubt.

He’s taught Latino Literature, American History, Philosophy, Theology and Religion.

He’s rapped in China, performed poetry in Korea and worked as a street performer in Mexico City.

He’s written and produced television programs for CBS, CW, Lifetime, Hallmark & Current TV.

And he currently works with blue chip brands and high profile celebrities at an ad agency in Culver City.

So take the tour already!