What’s the difference between a public tour and a private tour?

Public tours are regularly scheduled and open to the general public.  Prices vary.  You can view calendar of tours here.

Private tours for groups of 6 or more can be arranged for a location, date and time of your choosing.  The cost is $69 per person.

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?  

Tickets for public tour must be purchased via through our partners at  Tickets for the private tour are coordinated by submitting an information form here.  Payment for private tours are processed through Pay Pal.

How do I purchase and/or redeem a gift certificate?

You can purchase a gift certificate here X.  If you want to redeem a gift certificate, email  and you will receive confirmation of your booking.

 Reschedule, Refunds and Cancellations

Public and Private tour tickets are non-refundable and can’t be rescheduled.

What happens if it rains, or if there’s an earthquake?  

Fun Belly Food Tours operate rain, shine or seismic quake.  If rain, a solar flare or an earthquake render our tours inoperable, Fun Belly will notify you in advance via email and provide an opportunity to reschedule.  This is the only circumstance under which you can reschedule.

 Can my kid(s) join the tour?

Yes! If they plan on eating, they WILL need a ticket.  If they do not plan on eating, they WILL NOT need a ticket but they should be prepared for a 3 hour walking tour.

Can my dog join the tour?

No, sorry.

Is the tour wheelchair and/or stroller accessible?


How much food is served?

Each tour visits between 6-8 establishments and provides the equivalent of a full meal.  Come hungry and you’ll leave happy.

Is Alcohol served on the tour?

Alcohol is served on the Claremont, Eagle Rock and Old Town Pasadena tours.  Guests also have the option of purchasing (additional) drinks at some of the establishments we’ll visit.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We can accommodate some dietary restrictions.  You can identify allergies when you purchase your tickets, please be specific. We do not offer gluten-free options.

How much walking takes place on the tour?

Each tour is approximately 1.5 miles and includes several opportunities to relax, use the restroom and shop along the way.  Dress comfortably.

How much should we tip our tour guide?

Our tour guides work hard to provide a fun, filling and informative tour and appreciate gratuities commensurate with their performance.  In other words, hook them up if they do a good job!

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