Hello!  My name is Carlos Aguilar and I’m the Executive Producer of Fun Belly Food Tours.   I created Fun Belly in order to celebrate and share three of my life passions: food, fun and learning.  

As a kid, eating out with my family was an educational opportunity and living in Los Angeles meant that we’d taste food from all over the world: Thailand, Greece, China, even Kentucky (that IS where KFC is from, right?).

As a perpetually hungry (and broke) college student, I figured out a way to get paid to eat by writing food reviews for The Occidental Weekly.  Later, while in seminary, I scored a grant that allowed me to study food and friendship in Beijing and Shanghai for a summer.  As you might’ve guessed, I had fun and filled my belly.

As a television writer and producer, I’ve had the opportunity to cover food and stuff my face in amazing foodie cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Mexico City, Oaxaca City, Anchorage, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago and NYC.  Everyplace I go I’m reminded of the great tasting food back home in Southern California.

Food Belly’s mission is to share great tasting food while guiding you through Southern California’s most delicious neighborhoods.

Come hungry, leave happy.

Buen Provecho,

Carlos Aguilar